Antique Maps

United States and Territories

From the New Commercial Atlas and Gazetteer. Indian territory and undeveloped areas in the West. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: North America
Publisher: Asher and Adams
Date Published: 1872
Condition: Tears in the centerfold and small tears in the margins to the neatline. Several gouges in the left margin to the neatline. Map itself is undamaged.
Price: $50.00



Engraved by G.W. Boynton. Appeared in the Illustrated Atlas published in Philadelphia. Color by counties. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: Northeast
Publisher: Thomas Bradford
Date Published: 1838
Condition: Very good.
Price: $217.00



Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map. Map size is 9 x 12 inches. From ----- American Atlas. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: Northeast
Publisher: Henry C. Carey
Publisher: Isaac Lea
Date Published: 1822
Condition: Very good.
Price: $235.00


Virginia Partis Australis et Florida Partis Orientalis.....Descriptio

From Jansson's Nieuwen Atlas, Amsterdam. Southeastern North America. Based on Hondius's map of 1606 with a more accurate picture of the South Carolina coast and the Chesapeake Bay. Blank on the verso. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: North America
Publisher: Joannes Jansson
Date Published: 1641
Condition: Very good.
Price: $2,100.00


Virginia partis australis et Floridae partis orientalis

Color. Area from Northern Florida to the York River in Virginia. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: North America
Publisher: John Ogilby
Date Published: 1671
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1,400.00


Virginiae partis australis, et Floridae partis orientalis.......

Cartographic errors More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: North America
Publisher: Willem Blaeu
Date Published: 1640
Condition: Browning overall with minor foxing but generally in good condition.
Price: $2,500.00


Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere

Two colorful pages with scenes around the World. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: World
Publisher: Geography Common School
Date Published: 1850
Condition: Excellent
Price: $100.00


Westliche Halbkugel

A Map of the Americas. Outline color. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: Western Hemisphere
Publisher: F. Von Stulpnagel
Date Published: 1852
Condition: Good
Price: $100.00


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