Antique Maps

Joannes Jansson

Virginia Partis Australis et Florida Partis Orientalis.....Descriptio

From Jansson's Nieuwen Atlas, Amsterdam. Southeastern North America. Based on Hondius's map of 1606 with a more accurate picture of the South Carolina coast and the Chesapeake Bay. Blank on the verso. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: North America
Condition: Very good.
Date Published: 1641
Price: $2,100.00


Comatatus Northumbria

Double framed. Latin. Handcolored. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: England
Condition: Excellent
Date Published: 1620
Price: $750.00


Mappa Aestrivarum Insularum alias Barmudas

Original hand color. Classical Bermuda map.Jansson's Atlas Novus, 1647 More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: Oceans
Condition: Good
Date Published: 1647
Price: $2,200.00


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