Antique Maps

John Thomson

Northern Provinces of the United States

United States from Maryland to Maine. Drawn and engraved for Thomson's New General Atlas. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: North America
Condition: Excellent
Date Published: 1817
Price: $600.00


Atlantic or Western Ocean

Original color. Prominently shows the Gulf Stream according to govenrnor Pownall. Shows ship navigation routes related to the tradewinds. A bold attractive map with good detail. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: Oceans
Condition: Good except for a chip in the left margin. Does not effect the map itself.
Date Published: 1827
Price: $290.00


Chart of the Bahama Islands, The Bermuda and Summer Islands and Cuba

Islands in the Atlantic More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: Oceans
Condition: Excellent
Date Published: 1816
Price: $500.00


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