Antique Maps

Aaron Arrowsmith

Colony of the Cape of Good Hope

Black and white. Mountain ranges and harbors are shown in some detail including points of interest. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: Africa
Condition: Very good.
Date Published: 1813
Price: $180.00


Stati Uniti

United States. Italian edition of Arrowsmith's atlas. Country is shown to the Mississippi River. Outline color. Framed. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: North America
Condition: Very good
Date Published: 1810
Price: $275.00


Chart of the East India Islands, Exhibiting the Several Passages-

Upper left corner of a huge black and white chart showing the Indian Ocean, Cambodia, Indochina, Siam, and numerous islands. This portion of the map shows the entire cartouche and can stand by itself. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Region: Oceans
Condition: Linen backed. Three repairable tears without loss of substance.
Date Published: 1800
Price: $400.00


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