Antique Maps

North America

A Map of the British and French Plantations in North America

Decorative cartouche at lower right. Covers the area northward from New York City to Newfoundland. Black and White. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: London Magazine
Date Published: 1755
Condition: Excellent.
Price: $400.00


A New and Accurate Map of the Present Seat of War in North America

Late Color. Repair to right hand corner. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Thomas Bowen
Date Published: 1770
Condition: Good
Price: $450.00


America Septentrionalis

Published in 1763 by Homann More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Johann Baptista Homann
Date Published: 1756
Condition: Excellent condition
Price: $900.00


Amerique Septentrionale

This is a great map of North America in very good condition. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Jean Baptiste D'Anville
Date Published: 1746
Condition: Very good condition. Several small marginal tears. Newer color. Appears to be washed and decalcified.
Price: $2,200.00


Carte de la Louisiane et de la Floridae

Southeastern United States. Shows Florida and Georgia west to the Mississippi River and north to the Ohio River. Good detail on forts and Indian tribes. Outline color.  More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Rigobet Bonne
Date Published: 1785
Condition: Excellent
Price: $500.00


Carte Generale des Etats Unis de L'Amerique Septentrionale

Outline color. Good deal of information from Lewis and Clark. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: L. Vivien
Date Published: 1825
Condition: Excellent
Price: $350.00


Carte Generale du Canada de la Louisiane, de la Floride- - - - -

Santini's Italian edition; French text and captions. Original outline color. Large margins. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Jean Baptiste D'Anville
Date Published: 1776
Condition: Very good.
Price: $1,200.00


Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Map

Complete System of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. Framed without matting. Red lines show standard gauge, black lines show narrow gauge, and red and black together stand for three rail. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Rand McNally
Date Published: 1885
Condition: very good.
Price: $375.00


Folding Map of New York

Folding road map. One small tear in the crease. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: C.S. & Co., New York
Publisher: Hammond
Date Published: 1910
Condition: Good
Price: $20.00


General Map of Albemarle and Pimlico Sounds.........................

Civil War. Shows the theatre of operations of the Burnside Expedition. Black and white. Outer Banks and Roanoke Island. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Harper's Weekly
Date Published: 1862
Condition: Framed. Very good.
Price: $250.00


Johnson's New Military Map of the United States

Shown are forts, military posts, and plans of southern harbors including New Orleans, Mobile Bay, Pensacola Bay, Key West, Savannah River, Charleston Harbor, Hampton Roads, Washington, and Baltimore. Lithograph. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Johnson and Ward
Date Published: 1861
Condition: Light toning. 1/2 inch split bottom centerfold. Original color.
Price: $350.00


L'America divisa Ne suoi Principali Stati Di Nuova Projezione

Light color. Decorative cartouche. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Antonio Zatta
Date Published: 1776
Condition: Excellent
Price: $500.00


L'Amerique Septentrionale

Carte Geographique, Statistique, et Historique de----. Map is 14 x 14 inches surrounded on three sides by French text. Hand colored.  More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Jean Alexandre Bouchon
Date Published: 1825
Condition: Very good.
Price: $750.00


L'Amerique Septentrionale Divisee en ses Principaux Etats

Black and white. With "Mer de L'Ouest". Alaska is an archipelago. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Joseph De LaPorte
Date Published: 1781
Condition: Very good.
Price: $350.00


Les Etas-Unis de L'Amerique Septentrionale, Partie Orientale

Atlantic region, Maine to Georgia, West to Lake Erie. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Rigobet Bonne
Date Published: 1785
Condition: Excellent.
Price: $250.00


Map of Texas from the most recent authorities.

Handcolored engraving. Matted and framed. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: S. Augustus Mitchell
Date Published: 1850
Condition: Good. Browning.
Price: $875.00


Map of the United States

Wall Map. James H. Young, Publisher. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: S. Augustus Mitchell
Date Published: 1844
Condition: One roller missing. Wear. Overall good condition.
Price: $750.00



Color. Idaho and Wyoming on the verso. People's Illustrated and Descriptive Atlas of the World, Chicago. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: People's Publishing Co.
Date Published: 1897
Condition: Very good.
Price: $60.00



Steiler's Hand-Atlas More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: F. Von Stulpnagel
Date Published: 1859
Condition: Good
Price: $100.00


North America

The London Printing and Publishing Company. Decorative border. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: John Rapkin
Date Published: 1860
Condition: Excellent
Price: $225.00


Northern Provinces of the United States

United States from Maryland to Maine. Drawn and engraved for Thomson's New General Atlas. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: John Thomson
Date Published: 1817
Condition: Excellent
Price: $600.00



Color. Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, And Delaware on the verso. People's Illustrated and Descriptive Atlas of the World. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: People's Publishing Co.
Date Published: 1897
Condition: Very good.
Price: $60.00


Road Map of New Jersey

Road Map More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: B.F. Goodrich
Date Published: 1916
Condition: Browning but good condition
Price: $20.00


South Carolina

Engraved by G.W. Boynton. Appeared in the Illustrated Atlas published in Philadelphia. Color by counties. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Thomas Bradford
Date Published: 1838
Condition: Very good.
Price: $217.00


Stati Uniti

United States. Italian edition of Arrowsmith's atlas. Country is shown to the Mississippi River. Outline color. Framed. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Aaron Arrowsmith
Date Published: 1810
Condition: Very good
Price: $275.00


United States

 More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: J. Martin Miller
Date Published: 1899
Condition: Excellent
Price: $25.00


United States and Territories

From the New Commercial Atlas and Gazetteer. Indian territory and undeveloped areas in the West. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Asher and Adams
Date Published: 1872
Condition: Tears in the centerfold and small tears in the margins to the neatline. Several gouges in the left margin to the neatline. Map itself is undamaged.
Price: $50.00


Virginia Partis Australis et Florida Partis Orientalis.....Descriptio

From Jansson's Nieuwen Atlas, Amsterdam. Southeastern North America. Based on Hondius's map of 1606 with a more accurate picture of the South Carolina coast and the Chesapeake Bay. Blank on the verso. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Joannes Jansson
Date Published: 1641
Condition: Very good.
Price: $2,100.00


Virginia partis australis et Floridae partis orientalis

Color. Area from Northern Florida to the York River in Virginia. More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: John Ogilby
Date Published: 1671
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1,400.00


Virginiae partis australis, et Floridae partis orientalis.......

Cartographic errors More details...

[Photo: Click for Details] Publisher: Willem Blaeu
Date Published: 1640
Condition: Browning overall with minor foxing but generally in good condition.
Price: $2,500.00


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