Listed below are a number of local and regional map sites that are available to reference:

American Antiquarian Society
Map collection focuses on New England, Massachusetts, and the local Worcester area. 10,000 items including rare 18th century maps.

California Map Society
Diverse group of people from across the State of California who have a common interest in maps.Regularly scheduled meetings.

Carter Brown Library
Extensive holdings of European exploration and travel in the Western Hemisphere. Large group of cosmographical and geographical works, atlases, and maps.

Harvard Map Collection
One of the largest and oldest collections of cartographic material in the United States including 400,000 maps, 6000 atlases,and 5000 reference books.

Library of Congress Map Division
Largest cartographic collection in the world numbering over 4.5 million maps, 60,000 atlases, and 6,000 reference works dating from the 14th century.

Map History- The Gateway
A tightly organized global overview of the history of cartography, aimed at surfers or scholars. Provides leads to the collecting of old maps.

New York Public Library
International collection dating from the 16th century and holding some 405,000 maps, 18,000 atlases and books about cartography. Focus on cities, especially New York City.

Philip Lee Phillips Society
Established to further develop, enhance, and promote the collections of the Geography and map division of the Library of Congress.

Society for the History of Discoveries
Formed to stimulate interest in teaching, research, and publishing the history of geographical exploration.

The History of Cartography
A research, editorial, and publishing venture edited by David Woodward and published by The University of Chicago Press.

The Portolan
Published since 1984, this thrice-yearly journal has articles on maps, the history of cartography,and exploration.

Washington Map Society
Organization of people interested in cartography, cartographic history, and collecting maps. Meets 8-12 times yearly.

Webster Media
Web development services.

Yale University Map Collection
Largest collection of maps in Connecticut consisting of over 200,000 maps, 3,000 atlases and 900 reference books.